What started out at Component Packaging as a belief in becoming an expert in kitting systems so our customers would have a solution for the headaches of packaging; has now become a resource to turn kitting into a value add service & profit center for our customers.

In a commodity driven industry, kitting can provide a customer more revenue opportunities and offer their manufacturers an opportunity to present a more professional appearance or streamline the processes to complement their core business products.  No different than the waitress at breakfast who asked if you would like a sweet roll with your breakfast, kitting offers a value add opportunity and functionally differentiates your products while increasing your selling price and profit.  We believe in this concept and are building our business around it.

Often sales persons in the field are hesitant to approach kitting or value-add packaging, because past experiences have been painful or difficult for both the distributor and the end user.  Our goal is to make our packaging solutions seamless, painless and profitable for the distributors we work with!  They don't need to know the ins and outs of kitting/packaging... we do!  We are active members in NFDA & WIFI so we understand our customers' needs and challenges.

Our motto is still "whatever it takes".  For starters it takes constantly looking at our capabilities and customer service.  With the help of Automated Packaging we recently took delivery on the latest technology available in kitting/packaging.  Our new eight bowl kitveyor system offers us more flexibility and speed than any other machine in our shop and now gives us 8 automated production lines assuring timely and accurate kitting for our customers.  In addition, this machine offers Component Packaging the capability to break into runs easier and to drive shorter lead times so our customers can feel comfortable that we will make the deadlines their customers demand.

Being a solution source we have the ability to be creative in our approaches and have different divisions whose core strengths compliment the other divisions with assembly, hand packaging, bulk scaling or JIT shipping in addition to automated kitting.

Located in the center of the country, we are an easy low cost trucking center where we can receive product in from distributor customers or directly from their manufacturers where we hold the components until all are received, package the kits & ship them either to the distributor or, if wanted, direct to their end user with their boxes & labels.  Even after an EF-5 tornado came through on Sunday night, on Monday we received in and shipped out 8 trucks!  We wouldn't let a power outage hinder us!  We're that convenient of a transportation hub & that determined to make our deadlines!

Our entire staff at Component Packaging sees this newest production line as an investment in the promise that we will do "whatever it takes" to earn the right to be your kitter/packager.  Despite the economic risks we all see in the future we still believe that if we continually strive for excellence and quality improvement in our business; that your business will benefit as well.