Here at Component Packaging, we are passionate about what we do!  We have a professional, knowledgeable staff dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers.  Our management team brings a well-rounded skillset to the table that enables out of the box thinking and helps us come up with creative solutions to our customers’ problems.  We are constantly brainstorming new ideas to maximize our efficiencies and streamline our procedures. 

In 2006, when Lori and Mike bought Component Packaging, they knew that much of the fastener kitting was being done overseas.  Companies could source the fasteners overseas as well as having them kitted to their specifications.  However, lead times for overseas containers limited the flexibility for changes and resulted in companies having trouble in timely responses to market changes.  Lori knew that for us to compete against a low price we had to operate at a competitive rate and be able to deliver service that was over the top.  We had to meet tight deadlines and guarantee quality.  Her motto became “Whatever it Takes”.   It isn’t always easy to live up to that motto, but if you ask any employee at Component Packaging who we are, they will tell you we are the people who make things happen.  We feel that this has been the belief that has made our company grow.  That one phrase helps us remember that people, pride, passion, and perseverance are the main ingredients of every great company.  Our promise to you is we will not let you down.  We always stand by Lori’s motto ----- Whatever it Takes!

Meet our “Make it Happen Team”…

Our Production Manager – Angie; has been with Component for 15 years.  She is aggressive with her demand for high quality, and treats each and every customer with the care and compassion that that they deserve.  A mother of 3, she understands the discipline needed to meet deadlines and instill accountability in our staff.

Wes is our Operations Manager, responsible for spearheading all machine operations, He is a marine veteran with an unwavering focus in the face of a challenge.  In addition to scheduling all of the production lines, he has a creative engineering mind that allows him to complete tasks that are sometimes thought to be impossible. 

Our General Manager -- Nick; came on board at the start of 2012 and spent time in each of the four departments learning every facet of the business from a hands-on viewpoint.  Also a veteran of the Armed Forces and a former Fortune 500 automotive manager, he brings a new angle of looking at things and hopes to aid in the company’s further development.

Our President—Lori; has been in the packaging world for 16 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and a strong drive and desire for success.  Her ambition fuels those around her and she fosters a sense of teamwork that ensures on-time deadlines and a strong focus on customer relationships.

Mike; our Corporate President keeps his eye on things and helps with strategic planning, but is also focused on new endeavors with expansion projects and consulting work outside of Component Packaging.


We are ALL committed to providing you with the best business partnership and unmatched service that we can.  Let us show you how we can help you!