From the beginning, our motto at Component Packaging has been “Whatever it takes!” It’s a way of thinking about customer service that has permeated every aspect of the way we do business. When you partner with Component Packaging, you get access to a variety of custom packaging solutions, a workforce with high standards for quality, and a management team with a customer-first approach.

From custom kitting to hand packaging to parts assembly, Component Packaging has you covered with a wide range of kitting services. We’ve packaged everything from fasteners to margarita mix and lots of products in between. Whether the project requires custom-built equipment or creative packaging solutions, we’re problem solvers who love a good challenge.

Our crew of professional packagers is highly skilled and well-trained. Some have worked in fastener packaging with us for more than 15 years. They’re proud of our reputation for quality production under tight deadlines and they work hard to keep it. We have the kind of team that will work overnight and meet the courier at 2 AM to ship your product on time.

Component Packaging also maintains standards for quality control that surpass the normal guidelines for our industry. Most packaging firms aim to reduce their errors to less than 2%, but we make every effort to keep ours in the 1% range. From the production line to the front office, we’re ready to do whatever it takes.

Our goal at Component Packaging is to make outsourcing your kitting, assembly, and sorting solutions as convenient and profitable as possible. We have the facilities, location, and workforce to make that happen. Contact us today and let’s find the hardware packaging solution that works for you.


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Quality Control

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Hand Packaging

Our hand-packaging department is ready to assemble your non-machinable parts. We’re fast and detail-oriented, with professional packagers who bring skill and intelligence to their work. We scale and weight-check all orders, including everything processed through our hand-packaging stations.


If you’ve got a project that needs to be done by hand, send it our way. We’ve done a wide variety of piecework, including screwing on bolts, cutting and rolling velcro, folding and hot gluing corrugate, and more. We’ve even put dog treats on retail display hooks. Tell us what you need and when you need it, and we’ll get the job done.

Sleeve Screws or Bolts: Heat Shrinking

Heat shrinking sleeves on screws and bolts protects them from the elements, prevents the conduction of electricity, and provides cushioning in environments where there’s a lot of vibration. Component Packaging can heat-shrink sleeves onto screws and bolts of any size, in any quantity.  


We’re boxing experts and can reorganize your product into whatever quantity you prefer. We’ll box large quantities into smaller units or box small quantities into larger containers. However your end user prefers your product to be organized, we can do that.


Whether you need us to switch out parts, change a label, or add a new piece, Component Packaging can rework any project to your specifications. No matter the issue, you can trust us to find a solution. We’re here to make your reworks simple and painless.